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Should I Back The Underdogs Or The Favorites?

There is no need to back the favorite simply because it is the favorite, just as backing the underdog solely because it has longer odds is a risky strategy.

The trick is to conduct research. Here in this Fairexch Guide we will learn about the main three factors to consider before betting on the favorite or the underdog.

Form of Underdogs

How have the two teams performed? Has it got any batsmen or bowlers that are in good form? Has either of you been having trouble stringing together runs? If the favorite is struggling with the bat and the underdog has numerous bowlers getting wickets on a regular basis, an upset is possible.

History of Head-To-Head Competition

How frequently do these two teams meet? What is their two-year track record? Is there any indication that the underdog has caused the favorite problems? If the answers to these questions demonstrate that the favorite consistently beats the underdog, you should seriously consider betting the latter.

The Location and the Circumstances

Is the underdog stocked with swing bowlers who like cloudy conditions and a greener pitch? If so, what is the weather prediction and what kind of wicket is typically offered at the stadium in question? The site and the weather are important factors in cricket; learn about the climates and which parts of the world suit different skills. When teams meet in a neutral location, such as a World Cup, neither team may prepare pitches exclusively for their own lineups, therefore you must choose which collection of players is best suited to the place in issue.

The Availability of Players

Is there any significant injury or absence on either side? While a larger team, such as India, may be able to manage with the loss of a regular first-team starter, smaller teams would be substantially handicapped. Consider, for example, Afghanistan. Their bowling assault is far less formidable without Rashid Khan.


Aside from single matches, betting on the underdog to win tournaments can be a profitable business, especially in T20 franchise tournaments like the IPL, Big Bash, CPL, and PSL. Examine each team's performance metrics and don't put too much stock in previous season performances, as squads vary dramatically year after year. Some analysts on social media are worth following to learn where the best bargains are. Sports Analytics Advantage's Dan Weston gives outstanding information, and data business CricViz is unrivaled in its statistical dissection of cricket worldwide. Do your study, don't wager beyond your means, and take all of my advice with a grain of salt.

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