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Betting Method For Catching Up On Sat Sports 247

In Sat Sports 247, Dogon is the most well-known and popular progressive (from the term progression) financial system. Today, we'll look at its nuances and variations, as well as answer the question, "Is it worth employing at all?" Why, too. Go.

What exactly is Dogon?

The traditional dogon was established in the 18th century for gambling at equal odds in casinos. The dogon was then known as the "Martingale system," and it was simple and straightforward. An example of calculating the catch-up of those times: we begin with a one-unit bet on the color of the roulette wheel, progressively increasing the bet amount twice with each loss. If you win, we'll go back to the beginning of the cycle.


Step 1: stake $1 on "red," lose;

Step 2: Place a $2 bet on "red," and lose.

Step 3: Place a $4 bet on "red" and lose.

Step 4: Place a $8 bet on "red" and lose.

Step 5: Place a $ 16 bet on "red" and lose.

Step 6: Place a $ 32 bet on "red" and win.

We bet $ 63 in six steps and earned a profit equal to the starting bet - $ 1. We would have made the same amount of money if the bet had been won on any of the steps. This is the entire concept of the conventional catch-up - each successive wager cancels out all prior losses and creates a profit equal to the starting bet.

Modern Dagon

This simple technique has evolved over time to include numerous modifications and additional calculations. Bettors are still trying to improve it by introducing new conditions such as catching up with several betting chains, using an arithmetic progression, using an alternative series of numbers, raising the bet when winning, betting on the opposite outcome when failing, and a variety of other tricks.

Technically speaking, none of this is a traditional catch-up, because these methods fail to meet the main catch-up condition of making an initial nominal profit on every win. Although the aforementioned strategies are gentler, they are nonetheless exceedingly harmful to the bettor's bankroll.

In addition, for the game in bookmakers, where the winning chances differ, the following formula was devised to compute the amount of the wager based on the catch-up strategy:

(X + Y) / (K – 1) (K – 1)

K is the next bet's odds, X is the total of all losses in the preceding steps, and Y is the total of the system's profits. That is, we add the desired profit and losses, then divide the total by a factor minus one. As a result, we know exactly how much money we need to bet.

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