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Test Match Betting Methods and Tips by SS Exchange Login

Here are few tips and betting methods for Test Match by SS Exchange Login

The Formbook Holds Up, With Home Advantage Being Especially Important.

Whereas restricted overs matches are usually evenly balanced, Test matches are frequently one-sided. Analysis of the teams, weather, and ground facts will frequently point in one direction. When it does, don't be afraid to accept short odds because there are many sure bets in Test cricket.

Home conditions provide a major benefit for the reasons stated above. Consider the results of India, the world champions in 50-over cricket and a perennial contender for the top Test ranking. They've won 10 of their 15 home Tests since the beginning of 2009, losing only once. Away from home, they've won four of their last 20 games and lost their last eight against England and Australia. Yet, because India is essentially of the same caliber in general, neither home side was excessively priced before claiming sweeping victories in those two away series.


Even when the unexpected happens, the signs are usually there. Consider, for example, South Africa, a top team with a dreadful long-term home record in most, if not all, venues. The Proteas lost all four Tests played in Durban between 2009 and 2011, although continually challenging for world number one status. Notwithstanding the negative omens, the outsiders began the last two matches as large underdogs, based on wider form at separate venues.

Place the Draw on Pitches That Are Likely To Degrade.

While taking care not to be taken off guard by the weather, trading the draw price in-play allows you to put all of your metrics and pitch analysis to use.


Most pitches degrade dramatically with age, making life difficult for batsmen as bounce becomes uneven and cracks benefit spinners. It is completely usual for a pitch to give 400+ runs in the first inning but just 150 in the fourth. When the pitch is favorable to batters for the first three days, the draw price generally falls, based on the mistaken idea that circumstances would not alter. When this happens, wickets tend to fall in short succession, substantially altering the match and markets. Despite the fact that the draw is greatly favored, matches frequently generate results.

Whenever Partnerships Reach Certain Milestones, Return 'Under' To The Runs Market.

In the same way that the draw price can overreact to good batting, so can innings runs markets. If two batsmen form a good partnership, their team's run total will climb with each run. Partnerships, on the other hand, do not continue forever and were, to some extent, already factored into the initial quote. When a wicket falls, more often than not, fresh batsmen struggle to adjust. The possibility of a batting collapse and a major betting turnaround exists at all times, and many odds-on bets are turned over in this manner. As a general guideline, it may pay to blindly support unders if a partnership reaches a significant milestone, such as 100 or 150.

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